For some years I have been a member of some internet community. When I joined I picked a random username and I have been that name ever since. At first I felt exhilirated with the freedom of being able to post anything I liked without feeling the fear of people judging me or looking down on me or being otherwise prejudiced toward me for the things I wrote there. It was wonderful.

As the years progressed, however, the connections with the other people there became stronger and some of them became friends. Some of them I even met in real life. This is brilliant on one hand but on the other hand the social barriers have crept back into place. Although I still feel more free there than I would elsewhere, I don’t post so carefree anymore. And I regret that.

This is why I installed this blog: to allow myself the free space I need to write, get it out there, share – but without the consequences of maybe meeting my audience face to face. Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate feedback, comments, readership! But anyone I meet here will be familiar with the shameless me. Hah.


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